Happy 2013!!

Ahhh!! A new year with new possibilities! So exciting!!!

I’m also excited because after today’s holiday – that means we’ll be back to normal day-to-day life! It may be weird to say – but I feel like I need a holiday from the holidays this year! I’m SO READY to get back on track with eating normally, exercising, sleeping regularly, and most importantly – having a normal work day again! I feel like our schedules have been off the past couple weeks from all the holiday parties, traveling, and celebrations that I’m just ready for a solid night of sleep and a regular old full week of work again!! I can’t wait to get things rolling for 2013!

Is that weird to say??

I’m looking forward to reflecting on what 2012 meant for us and having time to actually write a post about it! And I’m excited to sit down with James and go over what we did well in our personal & business life in 2012, and what needs some TLC in 2013… and create some goals from that discussion (which of course I’ll share with you)!

But for now – we have one more holiday to enjoy… which means around here we’ll be watching football (most importantly, my Badgers in the Rose Bowl!!!), drinking some bloody mary’s, and munching on some football appropriate snacks (you know… chili, chips & dip, and other equally bad for you things). And then tomorrow we are back into the land of reality and normal day-to-day life, which I am MORE than ready for!

Happy 2013 everybody! And no post is complete without a photo – so here’s a (terribly) ridiculous phone camera pic to share with you guys that my brother took of James and I before we went on our wild goose chase to find dinner last night. Oh – you’re surprised that Chloe photo-bombed us AGAIN?! Seriously.



haha… Happy New Year!!! 🙂


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