So this is Christmas… ~ Wisconsin Family Christmas 2012

I thought I’d wrap up this short blog week with a post full of photos from our family Christmas back in Wisconsin!! It’s been 2 years since we’ve had our entire family together for the holiday – so we all soaked in as much quality time as we could while we were all in one place this year.

Here is our family Christmas in photos!

Christmas Eve was our big family celebration with the whole crew in attendance!

Pretty sure there is nothing better than watching kids open presents! 🙂

Loving how sharp the Mark III’s focus with ALL their focal points! Yay! ALso – isn’t he handsome?!

Lots of legos this year!

It was a miracle we managed this photo of everybody. haha!

Grandma with her great grandkids!

Actually… THIS photo was a miracle. haha

Somebody is already tired of photos?! Shocking! 😉


Can you tell we’re sisters?

With mom!

Now he won’t even open his eyes for photos… haha

I’m obsessed with my parents’ tree every year! So tall and beautiful!

90 years-old and enjoying her martini! My kind of lady! 😉

Littlest nephew realized that James’ hair felt like his hair. I nearly died from the cuteness. Seriously. (heart melts)

This one is such a goofball!! She makes silly faces ALL. THE. TIME. haha!

She also happens to be a little phone obsessed… uh oh!

Playing with the LOUDEST remote control cars ever made. haha

Gifts!!! So excited to read my new business books! Also – J was pretty excited about his gift card!

Jenn doing a present dance.

And then she got mustard colored cords that happened to exactly match the shirt she was already wearing. So of course we insisted she put it all on together. haha!

Meanwhile – will modeled his ketchup colored cords. These two make quite the pair! 😉 haha

Letter to Santa! So sweet. “Dear Santa, Thank you for the gifts. Even though I don’t know what they are yet, I know I will like them. Your friend, (biggest nephew)”

Peaceful and chilly Christmas morning…

More presents!

Failed self-photo. haha.

Christmas dinner – followed by a super low-key and sleepy Christmas night…

… complete with manicures by yours truly for my mom and grandma! So fun. 🙂

And one last shot of beautiful, snowy Wisconsin before we hit the road back to Chicago!

YAY family!!! Such a wonderful few days in Wisconsin we had. We can’t wait to get back up there this off-season and go sledding!!


We have our last wedding of 2012 tomorrow, which we’re super excited about!! Then on Monday we have a session in the morning, and plan to ring in 2013 in pretty low-key style so that we can enjoy ourselves on New Year’s Day when we watch my Badgers play in the Rose Bowl with some friends!

Have a fabulous long weekend everybody!! We’ll see you back on the blog late next week with some year-end posts!! 🙂 I can’t believe it’ll be 2013 in just a few days!! EEPS! 🙂



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