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Well hello there December! Where did you come from?! Wow. It is officially holiday season (although not quite yet around our house). I see so many people on top of things – decorating and ready to go for Christmas… and… well…. we’re just not even close to there yet. I’m determined to get a bit more caught up on editing before I allow myself the luxury of decorating the house. haha. Is that crazy? Spending a day watching Love Actually, sipping on bubbly, and decorating a tree sounds like the perfect reward at the end of a very busy wedding season in my eyes! Don’t you agree?!

While December is a decidedly slower month – we do still have 3 more weddings to go (and just shot one this past Saturday as well) – so we’re not quite there yet! My goal for this month is to complete all outstanding sessions and weddings, rock the weddings we still have on the schedule, and hopefully have a more balanced daily work schedule that allows me to more thoroughly enjoy the holidays this year! Let’s hope!

Anyway – enough about December goals… let’s check out what November looked like in phone camera pics! 😉 (I apparently have way less photos than normal because I was mostly sitting/editing all month & not out doing things worthy of taking photos of! haha… Which explains the larger than normal quantity of Chloe pics! Sorry!)


1. My new obsession – Salon Effects nail polish strips by Sally Hansen. Looove! Full post about them coming soon!

2. The results after about 5-10 minutes of applying (in a rush) prior to my friend Sarah’s wedding in Cincinnati. (I didn’t have time to get them done or wait for them to dry, so this was the perfect solution… although I’m not crazy about this color.)

3. Sarah & Jeff’s wedding in Cincy! Gorgeous church!

4. Me and my long lost love, Sarah!! Looking gorgeous as ever on her wedding day!!

5. Chloe inspects and approves all wedding packages before I mail them out. No worries!

6. A little bubbly + raspberries to keep me company during a long night of editing. (There were many of those nights in November!)

7. Chloe gets frustrated when the blinds are closed on the largest window in my office, but I can’t see anything on my computer if it is sunny & they’re open… so this is our compromise. 🙂 (I tuck a pillow between the window and the blinds to prop them open enough for her to lay in between. Spoiled puppy!)

8. New Investment Guides came in for the 2013 wedding season! So pretty. I’m in love. 🙂

9. Chloe being Chloe.

10. Also – she loooooves to ride in the car with us. This is her spot of choice.

11. My brother Will came to visit! We had sushi. It was tasty.

12. We also saw the car from Back to the Future downtown at a hotel while we were shopping. Whaaaaat the?!


1. Take two of Salon Effects by Sally Hansen! This is my favorite color so far. 🙂 (Glitter added by me, obviously.)

2. Cooler weather calls for comfort food – am I right? James made lasagna… delicious!

3. Chloe was SO EXCITED to get to my parent’s house for Thanksgiving – she just ran right up to the front door as soon as we arrived. 🙂 Cuuuuute.

4. Moon glow bowling with the fam on Thanksgiving night!

5. I ate leftovers over and over and over after Thanksgiving at my parent’s house. It never got old.

6. Then we headed out to my family’s ski hill/cabin for our annual cousin’s theme party! One of my favorite places to be in the world.

7. Home from the holiday & trying to get back on track after all the junk I ate. Chloe wanted in on my lunch time yoga break… haha.

8. James buys a lot of random things online… one of them being an air mattress (for $35 on Black Friday sale on Amazon)! I gave him a hard time about it – but then he inflated it in the living room and we laid on it to watch a movie… and I told him, “You win. Best idea ever!”

9. Ashley & Kurt’s album came in! I’m so excited to share some pics of it with you guys tomorrow! It’s beautiful!

10. Annoying Chloe in the middle of a work day with a self-portrait. I look run down and she looks disinterested. haha.

11. After waking up over and over throughout the night screaming to James, “She is kicking me in the throat/back/stomach/face again!!” – he finally got Chloe her own bed. We’re working on the transition so she sleeps in there all the time. It’s going okay – until she tries to sneak back into our bed when we’re sound asleep sometime in the middle of the night. Little sly pup! Here she is acting like she likes her bed (she doesn’t).

12. James has been a Christmas shopping maniac lately (much better than me). He finally gave in and gave me my first present (because you know we are no good at waiting). It was comfy pajamas! Then he came out of the room in new pajama pants of his own – so it was new pajama night in the Tyler house. It’s the small things that keep us happy around here people! 🙂


We have lots of goodies on the blog this week so stay tuned! A beautiful Madison barn wedding, a gorgeous urban Chicago engagement, photos of Ashley & Kurt’s heirloom album, and more! 🙂


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