Family Thanksgiving 2012 ~ Wisconsin Family Photographer

I know there is an expiration date on doing Thanksgiving posts AFTER Thanksgiving (since we’re all in other winter holiday mode now!) – so I figured I better get this post up ASAP! 🙂

As those of you know who have been reading the blog for a while – we have a pretty epic Thanksgiving holiday in my family. It is something I look forward to every year -and love it so much because we have a weekend full of traditions (a family turkey trot, Thanksgiving night bowling, kamikaze shots, cousin’s annual theme party, & more)! This year we had 60 people at Thanksgiving (which is about the normal for us – although seems a bit on the low end compared to earlier years at my grandma’s).

Check out the photos below to see all of our traditions unfold!! I hope you all had amazing Thanksgiving holidays as well – and got to spend some quality time with those you love most! I know we did!!! (And now I’ll be eating salad for a week straight to make up for all the delicious Wisconsin string cheese we were putting down at my parent’s house this past weekend! haha)


First up on Thanksgiving morning – our family Turkey Trot! (This was apparently our 13th year doing the run?! Crazy talk.) We had absolutely gorgeous weather for it this year! In the past we’ve run in rain/snow/freezing winds… but this year… this year it was almost 55 degrees by race time! Perfection!

After some breakfast munchies, and awarding of trophies – everybody headed home to get ready before heading to my parents’ for Thanksgiving. Uncle Pat said the prayer this year, after a rough year health-wise for many of our family members – we had much to be thankful for!

We let Chloe up for round 2 of thanksgiving food – and she was a pro at begging!

Then off we went to the local bowling alleys to roll some thunder! Our family literally had the place to ourselves & practically took it over. 🙂 And of course we had to start out with our usual – kamikaze shots! Cheers to an amazing family!!! 🙂


Chels and I wanted a picture – little did we know how many creepers there were in the background! haha

Cheeeeeeeese curds!!!


Then came Friday’s annual cousin’s theme party!! This year’s theme: 90’s music artists! AMAZING.

Of course we had our usual portrait session of everybody’s costumes. Can you guess who everybody is?! (*Disclaimer – James is not LL Cool J. He vetoed that costume for various reasons & went with his own choice… haha)

Josh MADE his pants. Seriously amazing!


And because there isn’t a whole lot else to do in my tiny home town – we headed back to the bowling alleys when my sister arrived with the kids on Saturday! 🙂 They’re officially as cute as ever!

James had to get a kiss for good luck before every frame he bowled. It should be noted that it ended up being his highest score of the weekend!

Pretty sure there isn’t anything cuter than ‘Sunshine’ getting super excited by her bowling skills! ADORABLE.

And then Gangnam Style came on the radio – and I was reminded how old I am. haha. The boys love it apparently!

SERIOUSLY. CUTEST. THING. EVER. (And I’m pretty sure she got a higher score than me that game!)

The boys made up nicknames for everybody’s bowling name. James was Hambone and I was Turkey. Who the heck knows!!! haha!!

World’s cutest beer chaser with our bloody mary. Seriously! A mini mug! Ah!

Oldest nephew is killer at thumb wars! He beat James and me!

Goofball! haha

Tough guys. 🙂

More fun back at my parent’s house before heading for home…


LOVE IT! So happy to see so many of my favorite people on earth in one weekend!


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