October Tidbits ~ Chicago Elopement Photographer

Ahhh! Hello there November! Where did you come from?!

November is our slowest month so far this year (just 1 wedding & a handful of other sessions) – so I’m looking forward to a month of playing some serious CATCH UP! I can’t wait to just cross things off my to-edit list and not constantly be adding more than I can cross off! 🙂 Don’t get me wrong – it is awesome to be busy!! But I also can’t wait to catch up so I don’t constantly feel like I’m treading water (or drowning)… haha… I want to swim FORWARD! Plus, I am SO excited about all the weddings and sessions I have to share with you guys from the past month – so I can’t get through them fast enough! I want the world to see these awesome families and couples!

That, and I’m super excited to catch up with some old friends this month (we’re heading to Cincinnati to attend my friend Sarah’s wedding this weekend – Yay!), and for some serious family time! My brother is coming to visit (and I’m taking a FULL WEEKEND off… with not a single session booked!), and then of course – THANKSGIVING is coming up! Yesssss! Tied for my favorite holiday with Christmas. Well, really – I think Thanksgiving is probably my favorite – but the ‘holiday season’ leading up to Christmas, all that surrounds it, and the traditions make me so happy too. So just this time of year in general – I have to say… YAY! about. Love it! 🙂 haha

Anyway – I digress! October! October was a busy month around here! We traveled non-stop, shot weddings, crazy amounts of engagement sessions, and lots of family/mini-sessions!

Here’s a glimpse at what our month looked like behind the scenes via my iPhone pics/Instagrams!


1. October! This was about as “halloween” as we got in our house. Sadly – we didn’t even carve them!

2. I eat bagels constantly – usually for lunch, occasionally breakfast & dinner. I will never get sick of them!

3. Fall = boot season! I needed a new pair to shoot in – so off to DSW I went! 🙂

4. Well… I bought a pair to shoot in and then realized I didn’t LOVE the look with the only dress I had to wear with tights. So I wore these wedges I forgot I had instead (but changed my mind for the next wedding – because after 8 hours my feet hated me)!

5. Soaking in our hotel room experience with some huge beers.

6. Beautiful scenery (or lack thereof) as we drove back to Chicago!

7. Busy month = eating out way too much. We treated ourselves & drove back to our favorite place in our old neighborhood.

8. And we were HAPPY. 🙂

9. We absolutely love when our clients give us seats at tables! These watercolor name tags were so pretty! (Not to mention the awesome favors – tulip bulbs!)

10. My 35mm took a spill. I didn’t realize how much I used/loved this lens until I had to take it to the camera doctor. But we’re finally getting it back today! YAY!

11. Did I mention we were eating out a lot? Apparently we were drinking out a lot too. haha.

12. During long drives Chloe starts to lose her mind and BEGS to sit up front. I only let her this time because I wanted to nap & knew it would be the only way. Clearly – this 50lb dog is too big for the front seat!


1. Long trips are made better when we get to see these kiddos upon arrival!! <3

2. Road-trip goodies. Oops. 🙂

3. I nearly died when James offered to help take Sunshine’s braids out. Heart. Melt.

4. J.Crew style guide came in the mail = J.Crew shopping spree on National Boss’ Day. (I have the best boss/employee! haha)

5. Chloe in her element in our front yard.

6. Why I looooooove fall!

7. Getting ready to head out of town AGAIN for a long weekend. I think Chloe sensed it. She was trying to be as cute as possible, clearly…. laying at J’s feet!

8. Rainy fall days = productivity. Love it.

9. Did I mention she was trying to kill us with cuteness before we left? haha.

10. Our favorite part about flying… pre-flight drinks!

11. We got a free upgrade of our rental car and needless to say — James was HAPPY.

12. Cute little water tower in a tiny little town on our way to the middle of nowhere Wisconsin for Lana & Jon’s wedding!


1. The “ferry” that picked us up to take us to the resort island at Lana & Jon’s wedding. Hardly a ferry!!! Do you see that thing? I honestly thought we were going under with all of our camera gear in tow. haha.

2. Horror movie scene at our resort. Spooooooooooky.

3. But during the day? That place was unbelievable! Gorgeous!

4. Home again! Driving around with Chloe & her ‘cousin’, India. Chloe has to show she dominates everything all the time. Poor India.

5. Had the BEST dinner out with some of my favorite photog ladies! This meal was AMAZING. Sun dried tomato, spinach, artichoke, extra virgin olive oil, parmesan, & linguini. YES.

6. The ladies enjoying chat, drinks, & food! 🙂

7. Chloe loves to wake me up by standing at our bedroom door and yelling at me. It’s awesome. Or not.

8. Love this city!!!

9. Then other days she wakes me up by slowly taking over my pillow. I much prefer this method.

10. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that Chloe has taken to “hiding” her bones in really random places. Usually anything that is mine or that I’m using – on my purse, in my camera bag, in our photo gear suitcase, in the dishwasher… she may be trying to tell me something. You think? 🙂

11. My co-pilot when we go to get coffee in the morning. This pup LOVES a car ride!

12. Lots of late nights working this month calls for serious hydration! I’m ready to get back on regular work hours in November!


Here’s to another fabulous month – full of food, photography, family, and friends!!! =D

And – DON’T FORGET TO VOTE!!! (James and I voted early… so we’re set!) 🙂


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