Nicole + Ronnie ~ Montrose Harbor Engagement ~ Chicago Beach Engagement Photography

It is so amazing to me when things in life come full circle!! I say this because – when Nicole first emailed me in September of 2010 as a new photo student at my alma mater (Harrington College of Design) I never in a million years thought someday she would be one of my brides! She wrote me back then looking to meet-up, chat about photography, and possibly shadow me on some shoots. She was a young bright-eyed girl who just moved to the big city from rural Illinois. Somehow (life gets busy) we never managed to meet-up, but became Facebook friends and I followed her progress through photography school at Harrington. I could see she had real talent and was so excited to see her growing as an artist in everything she posted. Then one day I was running errands around Chicago and randomly ran into she and her mom at the Armitage train stop! It was one of those weird moments where you’ve only ever seen someone online – so you’re not positive it is them standing there in front of you in real life – but we both paused and realized simultaneously who the other was and couldn’t help but laugh. It was so awesome meeting her in person (funny how you can run into people in a city as large as Chicago!) – and validated what a sweet person she really is! 🙂

Fast forward some time since then… she now lives in Texas with Ronnie, where he is stationed for the Army. Because of the distance (& the 1 million other talented photographers I’m sure Nicole knows) I wasn’t sure I’d hear from her after the proposal. But then the inquiry email came in and I did a little happy dance (I’m not going to lie)! I felt like I had watched Nicole grow up over the past couple years and was overjoyed to get to be a part of her wedding day – and to finally meet Ronnie! These two were actually legally married in June in a small private ceremony, but still plan to throw a bigger celebration with family & friends this coming summer.

So they flew up from Texas this past October over a long weekend and met me at Montrose Harbor (one of their favorite places when they lived in Chicago) for their engagement session!

I have to say — there isn’t a picture I don’t absolutely LOVE in their set of photos. These two are SO sweet together (which is clear in the photos), and always keep each other laughing (especially Ronnie! haha). I was already stoked about documenting their wedding this coming May – but after seeing them interact together during the session I am even more excited!

But enough chatter from me – check out these two gorgeous people! (And make sure to pop over & ‘like’ Nicole’s page on FB and keep up with her photography too!)


Reason #297 why I love these two… the 2nd photo below. Ronnie is such a goof – just like J! 🙂


AHHH! Don’t you just love these two?!


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