Lindsay + Adam ~ Olin Park Pavilion Wedding ~ Madison Wedding Photography

I’ve been super excited to share this wedding with you guys for many reasons… First being that I love Lindsay & Adam (of course)! And second being that this wedding was just so beautiful, intimate, and just my style with all its J.Crew goodness and yellow details!! I was obsessed! Every new thing I saw – I squealed a bit (her shoes, her dress, her simple accessories, the bridesmaids’ dresses, the guys’ ties!!) – because I just loved all of it!

And then there is Lindsay and Adam. SUCH. GOOD. PEOPLE. They are the kind of people that when you spend time with them – they make you want to be a better person. Lindsay could ask you questions about yourself for hours and never once want to talk about herself. She is so genuinely interested in other people, how they are, what they do… and as you answer her questions she looks you deep in the eyes and genuinely listens to all your answers. I feel like that type of person is really rare in a world that seems to be filled with people who are all “me. me. me. I. I. I.”…  It is really an amazing thing, and she just has a way to make you feel so good about yourself and life! And Adam is just as wonderful (clearly, if he thinks Lindsay is fabulous – he is too)! He is so humble and kind, and they just make the perfect pair.

I first met Lindsay long ago (I’m actually not sure when) – because she is one of my cousin Sara’s closest and oldest friends. We were in intersecting circles of friends throughout our lives because of that… so when Lindsay contacted me to shoot her wedding (which my cousin Sara stood up in) – I was overjoyed! Lindsay is so classic and stylish – that I knew her wedding would be the same. It was a beautiful low-key barn wedding at Olin Park Pavilion in Madison – and it was perfect.

Lindsay + Adam ~ Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day, and thank you for making me feel like I was a guest and friend – not just a vendor. You two are seriously the cream of the crop as far as people go – and I couldn’t be more honored to have documented this next chapter in your love story. I hope these pictures warm your heart and bring you back to that chilly, yet beautiful September day! xoxo!


Looooove her shoes!

And dress!

Then we snuck out for a few more photos during cocktail hour…

I was dying over this location – and these two! LOVE.


LOVE!!! Congratulations again you two!!


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