Kelsey + Mike ~ Heidel House Wedding ~ Green Lake Wedding Photography

Kelsey and Mike’s wedding has a special place in my heart because it is the first wedding we’ve ever shot at the same venue where James and I were married 3.5 years ago! We said our vows on the very same Grey Rock Lawn where Kelsey and Mike did (but had our reception in a different part of the resort) – so watching them say their vows really brought me back to that place in my memory. I loved it.

Similar to our wedding – Kelsey and Mike had weather all over the board! The morning of their wedding it actually snowed (!!!), and then rained on and off – and then thankfully – the beautiful sun came out just in time for photos and the outdoor ceremony! These two are so awesome and laid back though that they took it all in stride. They knew that as long as they were married at the end of the day – that was all that mattered… rain, snow, or sunshine!

These two are just the sweetest together. Kelsey is so bubbly and happy always – you can’t help but smile when you’re around her! While Mike is more reserved and quiet… they balance each other out perfectly. Mike clearly ADORES Kelsey, and she always keeps a smile on his face. They are just the perfect compliments to one another!

Kelsey &  Mike – Thank you for bringing us back to the place we said our I Do’s to capture yours!! James and I had such an amazing time with your fabulous families and friends – who were SO WELCOMING to us!! We are certain you two have a life full of laughter and joy ahead of you – and wish you  nothing but the very best!!! xoxo!


Oh Green Lake… how I love you!

Much like our wedding day – it was raining all morning/early afternoon – so Kelsey had to decide whether to move the ceremony indoors or not a few hours before the ceremony. She was stressing a bit about the decision and so I told her to do what I did on our day – call her man! Mike was calm and collected – put her worries to rest and said – “Let’s do it outside!” And what do you know… it was a beautiful sunny day by the time the ceremony rolled around!

Just beautiful Kels!

The gorgeous Grey Rock Lawn ceremony site…

Married!! (I love this shot on the right James got of them sneaking a moment away right after the ceremony… so sweet.)

The speeches were funny and moving…

Then we snuck outside for a few quick silhouette photos at sunset! Totally worth it if you ask me…

Then the party really got rolling!


So much fun!! Love it!

Happy weekending everybody!! After editing for basically the last two weeks non-stop – I’m taking a quick weekend off to host my brother, Will, who is visiting us in Chicago!! Holiday shopping – here we come!! See you all Monday! xoxo!


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