Chloe’s Siren & A Weekend Sum Up ~ Chicago Loft Wedding Photographer

We had an amazing weekend over here! I managed to get some work done, but mostly just relaxed with my brother, Will, who was in town to do a little shopping! I considered myself his personal fashion consultant and tagged along for fun. We grabbed some sushi for lunch, shopped ’til we dropped, met up with James for some tasty Mexican & margaritas for dinner… followed by more margarita madness back home! (James has taken to calling them my ’30-minute margaritas’ – because that’s about how long it takes me to make ONE. haha! Clearly I need a juicer for the limes – since squeezing the fresh juice for each one by hand takes me FOREVER.)

I may or may not have had a *little* too much margarita fun, and so spent most of Sunday lounging around with James and Will, watching the Packers beat the Lions, and finishing up editing on a few more sessions before heading out to a meet-up with a potential couple! All in all – I’d say a pretty fabulous weekend!

Now this week is time to buckle down and churn out a bunch more sessions before we head home for a long Thanksgiving weekend on Wednesday. And I plan to cram gym time in there if at all possible – because I have neglected to work out (at all) in preparation for our annual family turkey trot on Thanksgiving morning. Oops. (This girl may have to walk it this year – so. out. of. shape!)

Anyway – enough about all that – time to get to a little Chloe video action! I have been trying forever to get a video of Chloe’s reaction to sirens, but she always stops as soon as she sees me recording. Except this time!!! This time – we have Chloe’s siren reaction success!! It cracks me up because she honestly tries to mimic the sound of the sirens (and does a pretty good job of it)! haha Enjoy!



See you guys tomorrow!! I’m busy hosting Showiteers Live on Tuesday & Wednesday – so make sure to put it on your reminders to tune in at on Tuesday & Wednesday at 12pm central time!!


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