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Well, here we are… the first Friday in 6 weeks where we aren’t hopping in a car or plane and heading out of town! I’m probably way more excited to be spending a weekend in Chicago than I should be… but let me tell you – it is SO much easier to be productive when you aren’t spending 3 days traveling every single week. Yowsa! This week has been fabulous for getting things done & I even get to spend today working instead of packing and prepping to leave town again! 🙂 We’ll still be super busy shooting a bunch of family/engagement/Beautiful sessions – but we’ll be here – home sweet home! 🙂 (Never mind that we’ll be out of town again for the next 2 weekends… haha.)

Given that we had a great week here at home to catch up on mile-long to-do lists… here is some randomness from our week!


1. We decided we should take family walks to the post office during the day instead of driving there (waste of gas & parking fees when it is only a mile away)!  So far so good – we’re all loving it! (It probably helps that it has been unseasonably warm this week too…)


2. For a dog that isn’t afraid of ANYTHING (seriously – she runs to the window & barks at thunder) – it came as a bit of a surprise that she was terrified of the Rug Doctor we rented (finally) to clean our couch & rug! She had to hide behind my legs the entire time J was using it. If I moved – she followed and repositioned herself behind my legs. Adorable.


3. ALL WEEK we were planning to take our holiday photos (via self-timer and a tripod), but every day we had an excuse why we should do it the next day. How we managed to make an excuse on a 75 degree day in late October is beyond me! Finally we agreed we’d do them on Thursday – and planned to head out and shoot them at golden hour – but by then it was cloudy, gray, and about to storm… so again – they wait. haha. There is a reason why James and I are on the other side of the camera… clearly we’re not in love with getting our own photos taken!


4. We finally went to the walk-in clinic on Tuesday and found out we both had sinus infections. 10 days later and we were finally on meds and on the mend! It feels amazing… to say the least. 🙂


5. I have an obsession with custom paper goods. Put my logo on a sticker or card and I’m a happy girl! 🙂 A new shipment just came in from moo.com this week…


6. Happy Birthday to the totally fabulous Lauren!! Head over to her blog and wish her an amazing birthday weekend! (Also, I realized the only photo we have together is from February! Clearly this needs to be remedied!) 🙂


I hope you all have fabulous weekends! See you Monday! 🙂 Keep smiling! 🙂


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