Beautiful Too ~ Chicago Portrait Photographer

We had a busy weekend full of sessions… mini sessions Saturday morning, an engagement session Saturday afternoon, and topped it all off Sunday photographing a gorgeous lady’s Beautiful Session! It really was the icing on the cake of a fabulous weekend of shoots! I had THE BEST time with her, and laughed more than I have in a while. 🙂

After the session wrapped, I let Chloe out of our bedroom (where she had been relaxing/staying out of the way) and she immediately came into the office/guest bedroom (where I shoot the Beautiful Sessions) and took her place back on the bed where she usually spends her days watching for squirrels out the window.

But it was different this time. Instead of looking out the window she was laying there looking at me. James came in and joked, “Chloe’s ready for her Beautiful session too!” That was all I needed to hear before I took the camera out and started shooting away. haha… 🙂

I couldn’t help but laugh, because it seriously seemed like she was posing for me! Well… until she started barking at me. But before that – for real – she was owning that Beautiful session! haha! See for yourself!


(She apparently got a little sleepy/bored for a second…)

Then she got angry with me out of nowhere… I don’t know what happened?!?! Such a diva!


This dog needs to teach me how to smeyes! That’s all I’m saying!


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