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This morning James and I are flying out of town to shoot a wedding of some very dear friends!

I have known Lana for what feels like forever, but apparently it has really been 16 years… Whoa. Is that right?! Lana and I pretty much did everything together in high school… we cheered together… then she convinced me to join track… I convinced her to go out for musicals… we were in choir together… and I’m pretty sure just about every other class too. 🙂



Lana is the type of person that always makes people around her smile. Every time I see her it’s as if I just saw her yesterday (even though usually it’s more like months or years since our last visit). She’s the kind of friend I just want to hug like crazy when I see her, catch up on life, and laugh – a lot. And she is the kind of friend that comes to town early the week of your wedding to keep you distracted, laughing, & sane… so you just enjoy & soak in all the goodness leading up to your big day. (Yes, she did that for me! Amazing.)



I’m so honored that she and Jon asked James and I to document their wonderfully intimate northern Wisconsin wedding. We’ll be flying, then driving a rental car 2.5 hours, then taking a ferry to the little island where we’re staying & where the wedding will be – that is apparently known as the “Island of Happy Days”  – which sounds totally amazing!! Am I right?!

I could talk forever about how excited I am for this weekend, and how much I love Lana (& Jon, of course!), but I’m actually getting kind of choked up thinking about her getting married (!!!) … so I’m going to go ahead and save the rest of the mushy stuff for the wedding blog post to come! haha!

So on to the ‘quote post’ part of today’s blog… in honor of Lana!!


“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy. They are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”   ~ Marcel Proust



Have a beautiful weekend everybody! See you Monday! Keep smiling! 🙂


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