Busy Season R&R ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

The past two days felt like a breath of fresh air filled with… 24+ hours of sleep, lots of delicious food (thank you Chicago for allowing us to have any & every type of food we could possibly want at our finger tips nearly 24 hours a day!), romantic comedies, our favorite TV shows, football – football – and more football, couch cuddles under blankets, crisp fall breezes blowing through the open windows, more sleep, & perhaps a tiny bit of productivity thrown in there – once I’d slept all I possibly could manage.


Here’s a rundown of Sunday & Monday in photos…

1. Cuddles on the couch.

2. Chicago-style pizza & beer

3. Chinese food & beer

4. A laaaaarge vegetable & noodle soup! (And more beer.)

5. My fortune. (You don’t know me fortune cookie!!! … Okay, maybe you do. Seriously.)

6. James’ fortune. (Yesssss!!!!! Although I’m pretty sure he’s found the outlet! :))

7. Amanda gave me caramel apples for my birthday. (Quite possibly one of my favorite foods of all time.) I’ve been trying to eat 1 a day! Two more to go! 😉

8. Chloe in a wig. Or a blanket. Whatever you want to call it.

9. The flowers J got me for my birthday have been reinvented since we’ve lost a few. Still pretty though!


So basically… this is what the past 2 days felt like around here…


Yup. 🙂 Amazing!

…Now we’re all rested and ready to take on our last 9 weddings of the year!! Let’s do this! 🙂


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