My Happies: The People Version ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

I’ve talked about my happies a couple times this year – but I just realized that it has been a while since I’ve posted any! Given that I’ve been lucky enough during our travels for shoots this summer to actually see and spend time with some of my favorite people on earth – I thought I’d share some pictures with you guys!

So here they are – my happies – the people version! 🙂


Drinks in Madison with my brother Will, James, Jeff, and 3 of my 4 bridesmaids – all in one place for the first time since my wedding, I think! 🙂 And Sara & Jeff moved back to Madison! YAY!

Quality time with the little ones! 🙂

Back in my hometown for a wedding in the area = quality time with my girls from way back! Yaaaaay! (And their cute kiddos!)

I seriously feel like we’re still teenagers when we’re together… where have the years gone?!


Love them all!!! <3 🙂



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