Caitlin + Kyle ~ Cuneo Mansion & Gardens Wedding ~ Chicago Wedding Photography

Oh my goodness – where do I start?!

This wedding was so so beautiful in every way possible. Clearly I was in love with even the idea of this wedding from the moment I found out it was going to be gray and yellow at our first meet-up! (Caitlin is a girl of my own heart!) 🙂 But even more than the physical beauty (can I just mention how stunning Caitlin was that day?! oh. my. word)… was the beauty of witnessing two amazing people promise their forevers to each other. Caitlin and Kyle have such a gorgeous love – that just spending the day with them turned me into a ball of mush. The way they look at each other… how Kyle led Caitlin on the dance floor in the midst of their family and friends, held onto her tight, and mouthed the words to the love song playing in her ear… just melted my heart. Seriously. (You’ll see – there is photo proof!)

The joy and love of that day was just contagious, and it had James and I raving about Caitlin & Kyle the entire way home from the wedding. Because when you spend time with people that are THAT crazy about each other – you can’t help but smile and just feel good about life.

Caitlin and Kyle – We had such an amazing time with you guys capturing your love in all its beauty! Thank you so much for letting us be a part of it all! I hope these photos bring huge smiles to your faces! xoxo!


Oh. My. Word.  Stunning Caitlin!! (And I’m obsessed with her dress – the back, the front, the flower, the pockets!)

The sweetest note from Kyle… she couldn’t even get through the whole thing.


Cuneo Mansion was so gorgeous!! Beautiful location after beautiful location!

Kim from Big City Brides made sure every detail was in place and everything went off without a hitch!

And then we snuck out for some photos at sunset – my favorite time of the day! 🙂

Back in time for the sweetest first dance!

Then Toast & Jam really got the party started!


Congratulations again you two!! xoxo!


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