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Hi guys!!! This afternoon James and I are filming our promo video with I Do Films!!! (I know, we were supposed to do it last week – if you remember me mentioning that on the blog – but it got pushed back a week… thank goodness because we were not ready last week!) Anyway – I’m doing some last minute cleaning, prepping, nail painting, and running around like a crazy person – so I’m just going to jump right into this tidbits post!

Here’s a look at our July! (Is it really the last day of July already?!)


1. 4th of July swim day/bbq!

2. Watermelon = Summertime!

3. Chloe’s new morning routine… basking in the morning sun on the back deck.

4. I’m the inside spoon.

5. New toys! I haven’t used them yet… Oops. I’m an old die hard with my gear and need to take the time to figure these puppies out!

6. Lots of traveling for weddings = McDonald’s. I’m seriously so ashamed to even post this… But our excuse is that it doesn’t mess with our stomachs before a wedding! As James says “It coats your stomach so you can shoot all day and make it until dinner.” Ick. :-\

7. Caitlin’s gorgeous wedding shoes! I can’t wait to share this wedding with you later this week!

8. Chloe was so into watching The Bachelorette that she couldn’t even eat her bone. (How happy are we about the end, by the way?! Another embarrassing thing to admit: I’ve been having dreams about Jef & Emily… although, mostly just Jef. I dream that we’re friends & we hang out and laugh a lot. It’s weird. But awesome all at the same time… of course. haha)

9. My cousin Miles came to town and we had brunch! It was fabulous. (And in case this garners the same reaction here as it did on Facebook… yes ladies, he is single, and in law school!) 🙂

10. Making up for the McDonald’s with a nice healthy lunch at home!

11. I posted this on Instagram, but it was so funny I had to share again. I bought new nail polishes and lined them up on our coffee table to take a photo to post to Instagram, when Chloe walks up out of no where, and sets her bone right next to my nail polishes, like she wants to add something to the photo. I kid you not. I did not rearrange this!

12. If you forget to lock the bathroom door when you’re showering… this is what happens.


1. Our first weekend without a wedding since May!

2. The office is slowly but surely coming together. Framing & hanging!

3. A picture of a picture. 🙂

4. Chloe’s favorite spot in the car…

5. … until she gets tired of it and begs us to let her up in the front seat. “Please?! Can’t you see how sweet I’m being with my head on your shoulder?!”

6. “Please dad?! Mom won’t let me up! Please tell me you’ll let me up front!”

7. They beat me to bed and this is what I found. Weirdos.

8. Little trip to Madison to visit my family! James and I got to babysit the kiddos while my sister and her husband had a date day – and we loved it! I dare say the kids did too. 🙂

9-11. Pics from lunch out with the kiddos. 🙂 My mom, grandma, and brother Will came too! 🙂

12. Somebody get this guy a little girl of his own. Seriously. (I die when I see these two together! She adores him, and the feeling is mutual, obviously.)


1. A little pop of color added to the living room. I couldn’t handle all the neutrals anymore!

2. Shopping for the promo video… this shirt was a NO. (The bottom was super weird… see that?!)

3. Wrapping a session at the Adler during sunset = this.

4. We got to see my parents again, and my grandma! They came to Chicago for lunch. It was pretty fabulous. 🙂

5. Watching The Bachelorette finale with the whole fam-damily. 🙂 I told you Chloe was into it!

6. Fresh flowers make the world a better place.

7. My computer hated me this month. James said it was because I was working too much and it needed a day off.

8. Strong husband to the rescue! Thank goodness for him, because an online search told us that the Apple store was on one end of the mall, when it was really on the other! 80 lbs of computer = no fun.

9. I let my hair air dry completely the other day without messing with it – and this is what happened. That is some seriously curly hair. What the what?! Where did it come from?!

10. Ooo la la… painted my nails when weddings started back up last weekend.

11. After a long day shooting a wedding together – he still likes me! (A miracle!) 😉

12. Ironing. All. The. Things. for the promo video! Seriously – I don’t want to iron another thing for years (like I normally do)!


Alrighty! Off we go to be on the other side of a real (video) camera for a change. Wish us luck! I’m SO NERVOUS! :-\


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