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Hey guys! We’re just a week and a half away from my next beginner workshop (on  Sunday, July 22nd) and so I thought I’d bring you guys a little follow-up from one of the attendees of my workshop back in April!

So today I bring you the lovely newlywed, Kinzie, who is going to share her photography story with you! (I must say I was super excited to hear her thoughts about the workshop – especially since I’m updating/editing the curriculum for the next round right now!)

Also – just a quick note before I hand over the blog to her – there are a couple seats still left for the workshop next Sunday the 22nd! So if you’re interested contact me here right away to snag those last seats!!! The workshop is designed for anybody and everybody with a DSLR who wants to learn what all those numbers, buttons, and lenses do… starting from the very basics! Hope to see you there! 🙂

And now, without further ado… I bring you the lovely, absolute sweetheart, awesome lady… Kinzie!

. . . . . . .

To be honest, I knew basically nothing about using a DSLR before I attended Christy’s workshop. I knew how to turn the camera on, I vaguely knew the words “aperture” and “ISO” but kept getting them confused. I knew that every time I tried to take pictures in low light, I got images with a sickly orange glow. I felt stuck. I saw beautiful images in my mind and had no idea how to make those happen with the camera. 

My husband has attempted time and time again to explain some of the most basic concepts to me. I ended up taking a few good pictures each time we tweaked the camera settings and then couldn’t navigate my way through the steps necessary to take even more great pictures. Neither of us knew how to let the basics of the camera sink in.

Then I arrived at Christy’s for the workshop, and without realizing it, eased (fairly graciously, I think) into understanding my camera. To be honest, I was a little nervous pulling the camera out of the bag in the presence of a photographer whom I respect so much. But instantly, I was put at ease. Christy is so warm and welcoming, and was quick to point out little tips to make things easier. (Who knew there were little red dots to line up when you’re putting a new lens on? Oh, you did? Guess that’s just me then…)

We sat and casually went through each of the main settings – aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. After each round, we got a chance to pick up our cameras and play. We took pictures around the apartment and of each other. Christy even indulged us by jumping on her trampoline so we could practice capturing fast motion. The experience of learning the basics of something, and then putting it into practice, really helped solidify what I was doing. By the time we reviewed the concepts, I felt like I actually understood what was going on with the camera in my hands. 

In theory, I could have probably spent hours and hours in front of a dull manual or watching online tutorials and deduced many of the same things. But there is something invaluable about sitting with someone who knows her art. And who makes the process fun and enjoyable (and who feeds us Chicago-style pizza). Christy couldn’t help herself from sharing bits of information that she has clearly picked up from years of practicing her craft. (PS. Get in on that back button focus! It’s the best!)

But more than anything, I left Christy’s workshop feeling inspired. She, and the other women in the class, helped light a fire in my life. Since I’ve gotten home, I haven’t been able to put the camera down. I felt brave enough to approach a friend of mine about doing a maternity shoot. Taking pictures with her, I kept hearing Christy’s voice in my ear – and it gave me so much confidence during the shoot. When I came home and reviewed the pictures, I was so thrilled to see the difference the workshop made in the way I shoot and the eye I have for my subject – I can’t wait to do more!

. . . . .

And did you see the beautiful work that Kinzie has done since the workshop?! I’m so proud of this woman! Yay!

Kinzie – Thanks so much for coming to the workshop – and for so willingly sharing your experience with everybody! I’m so excited to teach another round and hopefully inspire more people to take their cameras out more often! 🙂


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