Megan + Erik ~ Most Blessed Sacrament Parish & Hilton Garden Inn ~ Oshkosh Wedding Photography

This story starts waaaaay back in Catholic grade school in my tiny hometown, where Megan and I first met! I honestly don’t remember when or where exactly, but I’ve basically known Megan my entire life. She was a year younger than me in school so we weren’t ever necessarily in the same close friend circle… but we certainly came in and out of each other’s lives over the years. We acted and cheered together (I probably owe her at least part of my life for never dropping me when she was my spotter in our stunt group), and as an adult she later became good friends with my parents as well (via community theater). I was so happy when she booked me for their wedding because I knew I’d have such a great time with her, enjoy seeing people from our hometown at the wedding, and because it gave us an excuse to grab dinner together every time she was in Chicago for business trips! (I swear we were chatting about the wedding and not just drinking wine!) 😉

The thing I’ve learned about Megan over the years is that she is unbelievably nice to everyone she meets. She is constantly smiling (as you’ll see), and just makes everybody around her feel good about themselves. She’s always out to have a good time, and so it should have come as no surprise when I first met Erik at their engagement session that he was equally positive, kind, and just a genuinely good guy. It was so great to get to spend their wedding day with them – hanging out, driving around Oshkosh taking photos, and laughing along with them as they got crazy on the dance floor. And I should note that Megan may be one of the most chill brides ever. It rained off and on throughout their wedding day and she didn’t even bat an eye! She bought umbrellas and rolled with the punches – and everything turned out perfectly.

Megan and Erik – it was such an honor to photograph your wedding day! You two light up the room when you walk in, and your joy for life is infectious! I hope you love the photos and that they bring you back to this beautiful day every time you look through them! xo!


I loved her bouquet full of some of my favorite flowers!


This ringer bearer… oh. my. word! haha I loved this! He did it all the way down the aisle (too many cameras)!

Then came the rain!

I’m a fan of random old buildings painted in bold colors!

Then party officially started!


Congratulations you two!!! xo! 🙂


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