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I don’t know about you guys… but lately I’ve noticed that we seem to be cultivating a culture of complainers. We are so used to getting what we want, when we want it – that we don’t like life any other way. We hate the long cold winters, but complain about the heat once summer arrives. We long to find “the one”, then complain to everyone who will listen about our spouse after we’re married. It has become the norm in this culture to complain about everything. There are a million other examples I could list off – but you can really just go check your Twitter and Facebook accounts and scroll through people’s statuses and see posts of all the complaints people have about their lives. (By the way – I’m not writing this because I am any different. In fact, I find myself doing the very same thing, and so I’m writing this post to check myself as well.)

One of the biggest complaints I hear from people is about their jobs. They work too much, they work too hard, their bosses are awful, they get no respect, they should have gotten that promotion not their co-worker… you name it. I’ve heard it. In fact, I’ve become so used to these complaints that I found myself doing the same thing! About a job I am obsessed with! Where I am my own boss! Doing what I love! (What is wrong with me?!)

You see, things were getting so busy last week (and will continue to be busy this week) that I found myself feeling incredibly overwhelmed and a little out of control – which resulted in lots of complaining. Complaining about how tired I was… complaining how I could never catch up on all the editing I have to do… complaining how sore my muscles are… complaining how bad traffic to sessions is… complaining how expensive parking in Chicago is… You name it – if it was a silly complaint – it has crossed my mind in the last 7 days.

Then, as I was driving through the city yesterday morning on my way to my 3rd shoot in 3 days – with my muscles aching, and my eyes heavy – it hit me. Suddenly I thought to myself… What the hell am I complaining about?! I am living out a dream I’ve had for YEARS, and I’m complaining because people want to hire me and I’m busy?! That is quite possibly the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

It was in that moment that I made myself promise to stop complaining (or at least try my best to). I’m going to turn the culture of complaining in my own life – into a culture of gratitude. Because for every thing you complain about – I’m positive that thought could be turned around into something you could give thanks for. Or as James likes to remind me… it’s a “first world problem.” (Which he says constantly when I’m getting a little ridiculous with my complaints.)

Me: The air conditioning isn’t cooling the car fast enough!
James: First world problem. You own a car.

Me: This avocado still isn’t ripe after 3 days?!
James: First world problem. You have food to eat.

Me: The shower needs to be scrubbed… ugh.
James: First world problem. You have running water and somewhere to take a hot shower.

(You get the idea.)

So I’m encouraging/hoping you all to do the same. Next time you want to post some negative status with a petty complaint about something – flip it around and find a reason to be grateful instead. I think it’ll make a huge difference in how you feel about your life on a day to day basis, and could have an amazing trickle down affect to others around you as well (especially if we stop complaining so much on social media). Let’s all do our best to create a Culture of Gratitude to replace the constant complaining that seems to have taken over so many of our lives!

(Sorry if this came across as preachy – but I just needed to remind myself – and you all – how truly blessed we all really are.) xoxo.

And no post is complete without a photo – so here is a shot I took of something I’m incredibly grateful for… my amazing (and may I say – very handsome) husband who is the best 2nd shooter around! I would be lost without this man! (Here he is helping me check the light at the ceremony and reception of Saturday’s wedding…) 🙂


What are you thankful for today?? 🙂


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