Gary + Raman ~ Michigan Avenue Bridge ~ Chicago Proposal Photography

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I’m so happy to finally share this proposal session with you guys! This was the first proposal I shot where I was actually out in the open with the couple when the proposal happened (and not shooting with a huge lens from behind a bush – paparazzi style). It’s safe to say that I was just as nervous as Gary was (at least I think I was)! 😉

Gary and Raman were in town on vacation from Canada and were out and about in the city site seeing. The plan was this: James and I acted like we were tourists on a date in the city – taking photos along the Michigan Avenue Bridge over the Chicago River downtown. Gary and Raman walked up and took photos of each other on the bridge, and then I asked them if they would like me to take one of them together. They of course agreed and I took a few of them with their camera. Then I mentioned that I was a professional photographer and that I would love to take a few “nice” pictures with my camera and email it to them later. Raman hesitated for a moment, but agreed after I insisted “it was no big deal!” 😉

After a couple photos, Gary reached into his pocket and proposed to Raman right on the spot! It was definitely the quickest proposal I’ve ever witnessed… but we managed to capture it all! The best part was it all happened so fast that throughout our portrait session afterwards Raman would laugh, hug Gary, and start crying happy tears because it was all still hitting her that this had actually just happened! It was adorable. 🙂

Anyway – enough of my talking! Let’s get to the pictures!!!



Congratulations Gary and Raman!!! I wish you two a lifetime of love and laughter!! <3 James and I were honored to be a part of this huge moment in your lives! 🙂


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