Sweet Summertime (in Spring) ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

I watched for weeks while people talked about grilling on Facebook & Twitter, and then started posting photos of their grilled masterpieces as the temperatures began to feel like summertime. The smell of hot charcoal grills blew in our windows as our neighbors cooked dinner out on their decks in the warm spring air. I mentioned wanting a grill at least 10 times a day to James for over a week straight.

We must get a grill now that we have outdoor space!! I said over and over again.

And then… finally... Monday night we headed to Home Depot and – got – a – grill!

We were so excited that we even stopped at Trader Joe’s on the way home to pick up an assortment of meats perfect for the grill, planning to make dinner that night with our new purchase. I grinned from ear to ear as we unloaded the car… thoughts of BBQ chicken floating through my mind.

Then we opened the grill… and there were 1 million pieces to assemble. (More pieces than a dresser from IKEA!) James looked at me and said, “This is not getting put together tonight… It’s too late, and I’m too hungry.” And so my quest for a grilled dinner waited another day. 🙁 (I know… First World Problems…)

Then yesterday when James got back from the gym – he got right to putting that grill together… Bless his heart! It may have taken him what felt like forever… but we finally had a grill!


A beautiful, shiny, new grill.

And so we cooked.

And Chloe desperately wanted in on this grilling action.

And we ate.

And our bellies were full.

And we were happy. 🙂


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