Mental Health Day in the City ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

I can’t lie… things have been a little tough around here this month. And after sitting in my office, crunching numbers, editing away, replying to emails, and prepping information for my phone call with my accountant early this week – I realized I needed a mental health day. I needed a day outside of the office to myself, just to be. Thankfully my sweet friend, Leola, wanted to meet up for lunch in the city to talk about photography – so that gave me just the excuse I needed to take the train downtown and enjoy a nearly 80 degree day in the city on Wednesday. 🙂

I can’t remember the last time I took the train – and I quickly realized that I actually kind of miss it after having taken it downtown 5 days a week for the last 7 years (wow)! I sat and just stared out the window at the city flying by and I felt at peace. I allowed my thoughts and worries to escape my mind and just enjoy the moment instead.

I arrived downtown and wandered around the city to run some errands. (Which are so much more enjoyable to do by foot, by the way!! I didn’t realize how much I missed walking until I got down there and was running errands without the worry of traffic or parking. Amazing!) Then I met Leola for lunch and afterward headed across the street to my old lunch break stomping grounds – Millenium Park. The entire park was in full bloom. It absolutely took my breath away. I wandered around – just me and my camera with my 50 1.2 lens – and took pictures of whatever caught my eye. It was SO refreshing! My creative juices were flowing, my feet were moving, and the sun was beating down on my bare shoulders for the first time since last summer – and it was amazing.

Afterward, I arrived home feeling exhausted and refreshed. (And I must say – as a result – the following day was one of the most productive days I’ve had in a while! Maybe I should have mental health days more often?!) 😉



I hope you all have fabulous weekends! I’m super excited to get downtown again to shoot an engagement session this weekend! I’m hoping the weather holds out! 🙂


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