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Hi guys!

Okay – so as I promised last week – I taped a video blog for today! It’s pretty terrible, and I talk too much, and Chloe is licking her butt in the beginning and I had no idea… ha ha!!! So…. YEAH. There’s that. 🙂 Anyway – I was too much of a chicken to talk to the camera the entire time – so instead I gave you a little tour of my home office.

Next time around I hope to actually talk about something – but would prefer that it be in the form of Question & Answer… so send me your questions! It’s easier for me to answer them than to talk about a vague topic. 🙂 I hope to do another video blog before my workshop rolls around so that I get used to talking more – because I clearly need it. (And the workshop is less than 4 weeks away! Say what?!)

Anyway – enjoy … this silly little tour of my home office… (and Chloe licking her butt). Yup. 🙂



Send me questions for next time so I have more to chat about/tell you guys! 😉 And thanks for putting up with that painful video of me. haha

. . . . . .

Edited to add: Here’s where you can find that IKEA drawer unit! You’re welcome. 😉


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