February Tidbits ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

Apparently today is March?! So here I am with another installment of monthly tidbits! Here we go! 🙂

1. Oatmeal raisin cookie dough. YUM.

2. Chloe got her first valentine!!!

3. Haircut!

4. You may have heard I went to Vegas.

5. This can be confusing… it’s fake New York, in Vegas. Weird.

6. The most delicious drinks ever. In Vegas (naturally). They weren’t all for me. No worries. 😉

7. I think I gambled $1 total in Vegas on penny slots. Fancy.

8. My new motto (on a notebook I used to take notes at WPPI).

9. Vegas. Shocking.

10. I tried polka-dot nails. Not exactly a smashing success. Oh well.

11. You may have heard I saved the princess. (And yes, I grabbed my phone quickly enough to take a photo of the end sequence of Super Mario Bros.) 🙂

12. A typical night in the Tyler house…. studying + bone chewing.



1. I had to leave my super old gym shoes in Vegas (that needed to be replaced anyway) because I was going to (again) exceed the checked luggage weight limit, so I got some new ones when I got back to Chicago. James and I went to Sports Authority and I immediately said – “Oh – these are CUTE!!!” … then 2 seconds later it clicked and I said… “Dang it – they’re gray and yellow!!! AGAIN!”

2. Chloe – unhappy in her cage.

3. Last day in Vegas = gorgeous! (Of course it was nice the day I was leaving… finally!)

4. Someone wants my cookies & cream – but I’m not sharing!

5. Easter candy time. Uh oh! 😉

6. My roommies in Vegas gambling!

7. She is a lunatic.

8. Post elopement shoot date lunch! Wings + beer. Yes please.

9. More gifts for my workshop attendees arrived!!!! Woot! Woot!

10. The beautiful pattern of Chicago city street lights. Home sweet home.

11. My last meal in Vegas… $15 for food court chicken tenders & fries. And I thought Chicago was pricey! Yikes!

12. My loves in the morning. 🙂



Happy March everybody!!!! =D


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