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Did you guys know I leave for Las Vegas in just under 2 days?!?!? (I may have mentioned this before. ;))

Anyway – those of you who follow me on Twitter may have seen I went on a bit of a shopping spree a week or so ago because I realized most of the clothes I had were either:

1.) Lounge wear
2.) Ill-fitting old office wear (from my days at the law firm)
3.) ‘Going out’ clothes (as I like to call them) from way too long ago

Clearly – I had some shopping to do. Because I’d prefer to look like I didn’t just roll out of bed or the year 1999 if I can help it. So I headed out to pick up a few more pieces for my wardrobe – and ended up with the following… red skinny corduroy pants, black skinny jeans/pants, a pale pink blazer, and a striped yellow shirt (duh). Now I have all these pieces but I’m a little uncertain how to put them together into outfits (& have a little more shopping to do in order to do that) – so before I hit the stores I thought I’d come up with some outfit inspiration boards using the new items I purchased!


Red Skinny Corduroy Pants:

Red Corduroys


Black Skinny Jeans/Jeggings:


Black Jeggings



Pale Pink Blazer (the one I bought is not nearly this pink, FYI):


Pink Blazer



Striped Yellow Shirt (my yellow shirt doesn’t really look like this at all, but you get the idea… haha!):


Yellow Shirt



Originally I was going to figure this out, and have James do a little photo shoot of me in all the outfits – but obviously I’m not on top of things enough this week for that to happen. So instead you’re getting an inspiration board – and AFTER Vegas you’ll get the actual photos of me in the outfits. Deal? 🙂


Now off I go to shop (hopefully for items that don’t cost nearly what the ones included in this post do – haha) – wish me luck! 😉


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