Self-Employment: Month 5 ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

Hello from Las Vegas everybody!



I wasn’t sure I was going to post while I was at WPPI, but then I realized that yesterday marked my 5th month anniversary of self-employment – so of course I had to post! Also, Sunday was a rather chill day for me so I had some time to sit, reflect and write.

Looking back I realized that month 5 for me was a whirlwind of doing taxes, budgeting, number crunching, meet-ups (hello booking season), engagement sessions, networking events, and now – WPPI in Vegas! It has been a busier month than I expected, but it’s also been an amazing month for me to dream big dreams and to plan for the year ahead.

And I’m SO excited to tell you guys that I’ve been crossing some things off my life list! (Like announcing my workshops for this April, and something else that I can’t tell you about yet – but I will share as soon as I can!) 🙂



So it only seems appropriate that I’m closing out this amazing month of dreaming, planning, and hoping in Las Vegas with other photographers from all over the country and world. It’s so inspiring to wander around the city and shoot just for fun; to sit in classes and learn from photographers that I’ve been following online and admiring for so long; and to finally meet all these other lovely APW sponsors that I have the pleasure of rooming with – laughing with – chatting with about all things life & photography – and of course, enjoying some wine! 😉



And I’m going to leave you with a quote from the cover of a leather notebook I brought to take notes in this week that seemed SO appropriate for this trip and for the month as a whole – I just love it and hope it helps to inspire you like it has me!

LEARN from yesterday.
LIVE for today.
HOPE for tomorrow.

Hopefully I’ll have time to post some more over the next couple of days while I finish up my time in Vegas. But if you want to stay up to date with things as they go down (like me meeting Tony Danza… yup, that happened!!! ha ha) you should follow me on Twitter and Facebook! 🙂

Here’s to another amazing month! Cheers! xo! 🙂


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