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I was looking around our home the other day and I started to realize something… I keep all sorts of things around to inspire me and remind me what is important in life. I don’t just decorate to decorate… I try to choose items that make me think and keep me smiling. 🙂


My office is filled with photos of my family so if I ever get a little too focused on work, I’m reminded what really matters. I have two screen prints on the wall, cards I love, and a little inspirational quote my cousin gave me years ago that all serve as constant reminders to me…


Our fridge has a magnet on it that I got from someone when I was leaving for college long ago that has kept me going all these years! In our bedroom (as you know) we have all the lovely inspirational things our family and friends wrote on the photo mats at our wedding…


As I mentioned earlier, I like to keep things around that just make me smile as well… like fresh cut flowers (which I’ve been having around more often lately)! And of course the day after I bought some from Trader Joe’s (that are still alive almost 2 weeks later!!), Emilia brought me a beautiful bunch of tulips! So I got to enjoy LOTS of flowers for a while there! 🙂


And of course – this little nut always acts as a CONSTANT reminder that there are other things to do in life than just work. 🙂 She’s always begging me to go out and play, and reminding me to stop and look around before life passes me by.


And sometimes she even reminds me to take a quiet moment, close my eyes, and just “be.”



What do you surround yourself with to keep you inspired, grounded, smiling, and reminded of what’s important? I’d love to hear!!

I’ll see you all Monday! Happy weekending! 😉 xoxo!


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