He’s Baaaaaack!!! ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

James is back! James is back! My husband is no longer sick!!!!

You have NO IDEA how happy this makes me. He is off the couch. He is showered. He is shaved. (What?!!! I know – Amazing.) He gets to sleep in the bedroom again! He walked Chloe! He even left the house!

As you’ll remember, I posted about his not feeling well last week. Well, after 4 days on the couch in complete misery, he finally agreed to let me take him to the doctor. (James never goes to the doctor, so I knew it was bad.) He apparently had a 102 degree fever and a bacterial infection in his lungs. The doctor gave him some codine and the strongest antibiotics she had and sent him on his way.

And now – after a week out of commission – HE. IS. BACK.





Can you tell someone else is happy to have him back too? 🙂


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