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(**I originally planned on posting a wedding for today – but came down with a nasty sore throat & fever – so I posted this quickly last night before forcing myself to go to bed at 6pm for the first time in… oh I don’t know YEARS. Let’s hope it works and I kick this bug ASAP – because I have work to do and not working is DRIVING ME CRAZY.) And now, on to the post….


Last week, my mom wrote the usual early November email requesting James’ and my Christmas lists. As usual, I had no such list – and couldn’t think of anything off the top of my head that I really needed or wanted. Knowing that if I ask for money or gift cards I will most likely spend it on random items and next thing I know it will be gone and I won’t even remember what I used it for. So I decided I’d do a little online searching in hopes of finding some links to email my mom for my Christmas list.

The problem is that in order to add something to the list – I have to find something I love enough that I want it – but don’t love it SO much that I – NEED – IT – NOW. This is a fine line in my life. Most of the time I love something so much that I can’t help but get it that very minute. So, as you can guess, I have yet to find anything to send my mom for my Christmas list.

BUT – I did find these fabulous things that I of course – NEEDED – NOW. 🙂

I mean… they were 40% off! If I put them on my list – they most certainly would no longer be 40% off by the time my mom got them… and who’s to say she would have even gotten them for me?! Then I could have risked not owning these things at all! The tragedy! So – naturally – I got them for myself. (They were on sale! It is totally justified!)


Here’s what I got:

1. This beautiful scarf – because it’s so festive and pretty (and plaid!! LOVE) – and is totally wearable most anytime of the year because it’s not too thick. Also, I buy a new scarf every year (my collection is getting a bit insane) – and hadn’t gotten one yet this year (well, that’s a lie, I got one for my birthday from my dear friend, Krista – but I didn’t buy that for myself – so it doesn’t count)!


2. In preparation for my first ever trip to Vegas this coming February for WPPI (where I am rooming with and meeting for the first time other fabulous Practical Wedding sponsors – YAY!!), I just had to get some new shoes! I NEVER ever wear heels – so this was kind of an out-there purchase for me (seeing as they are 4″ heels! YOWSA) – but I couldn’t help myself! The only other super-tall heels I own are also from The Loft and they are actually really comfortable as far as heels go… So I figured I could expect the same from these fabulous babies – and they did not disappoint! Plus, these are totally wearable for a holiday or New Year’s party as well – right?!


3. Of course with every great pair of shoes – you need a cute clutch/wristlet! I don’t own many (i.e. any) of these – since I haven’t ‘gone out’ regularly in quite a while. (It’s been so long apparently – that I now write ‘go out’ in quotes?! Yeeeeeah.) Anyway – I don’t want to be hauling around a big purse because I definitely plan on dancing – and I thought this sparkly wristlet was the perfect solution for Vegas! (And again… for holiday parties!) And at 40% off – it was practically free! 😉


So, obviously, my first attempt at making a Christmas list wasn’t super successful. HA! But – I will continue to search online in hopes of having something left (that I haven’t already purchased for myself) for my mom to get me for Christmas!


**And today I am SO thankful to have a family to spend the holidays with. I feel like I’m one of the rare few who actually seriously looks forward to Thanksgiving & Christmas because I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of my family – extended included! I can’t wait to see them all in just over a week! I am so thankful to have all of them in my life! 🙂

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