November Tidbits ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

Hey guys! I didn’t have time last night to get my full Thanksgiving post together (it’s coming – trust me!!) – so I thought I’d give you a little tidbit post instead. 🙂 Well… it’s not so little (warning).

So – here we go! Here’s what November looked like for the Tyler family through my camera phone. 🙂


1. I’ve been cooking dinner a bit more in the last week (and by that, I mean… once – yesterday). But I plan to continue this trend now that things are slowing down a bit around here!

2. Chloe is finally calming down a bit and sleeping lots more. YAY!

3. Pretty fall colors.

4. Chloe is bathtub obsessed! If we can’t find her and I realize we left the bathroom door open – we know exactly where she is! In the tub. What a weirdo.

5-7. Lots of travel = lots of eating bad, bad food. Oops.

8. Chloe has taken to laying on the floor directly behind my desk chair and enjoying the sun that comes in my office in the afternoon. (Reminds me of someone…)

9. New nail polish makes me oh-so-happy. 🙂

10. Finally getting the office decorated – one piece at a time!

11. My adorable niece at Thanksgiving. Yup. She’s the cutest.

12. Chloe checking out the new addition to the office.

13. Chloe chilling in her new designated spot in the car.

14-15. Sneak peek at our Disney theme party!! I was completely impressed with all of our costumes if I do say so myself. (More pics to come!)

10. Testing out my new heels. 🙂

11. Chloe is adorable.

12. See what I mean? The office is coming together!!! YAY.



Also, I just realized in all this crazy-busyness that I completely forgot to do my post on month 2 of working for myself! When things calm down a bit – I’ll be sure to post, because I have lots to say about month 2. So stay tuned for that!

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