Gina + Paul ~ Chicago Anytime Photography

You guys will recognize this gorgeous couple from their intimate backyard wedding that I shot this past September. Because of the layout of their wedding day, we weren’t able to do photos down in the city – so they scheduled an anytime session for a few weeks after the wedding to get some Chicago shots! They had just arrived back from their honeymoon and were all sun-kissed & happy – a perfect time for an anytime session if you ask me!

We had a great time wandering around downtown near Buckingham Fountain and Millenium Park (that is, once we were able to GET there… we all spaced out and scheduled a session for the day of the Chicago marathon – and unknowingly planned to meet at the race’s finish line… oops)! The fall colors were perfect and these two were adorable together – as usual!



**And today I’m thankful for my mom! She took it upon herself to make me a costume for our cousin’s theme party that we have each year over Thanksgiving weekend. This year’s theme is Disney Characters (we’re talking old school animation… not the new stuff)! 🙂 I was totally stumped as to what to be (turns out there aren’t a ton of “fun” things for a girl to be in Disney animated movies), but James said I have dark hair & I’m pale, so why not be Snow White? I reluctantly agreed (I suppose I am pale with dark hair), and then my mom so kindly offered to make the costume for me! What?! I know! She’s awesome. And now that James doesn’t have to come back to Chicago to work over the weekend and he can make it to the party – I’m thinking he should be one of the 7 Dwarfs… right?! 🙂


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