Heather + Ryan ~ Memorial Union ~ Madison Engagement Photography

When Heather and Ryan asked if I thought the Memorial Union at University of Wisconsin was a good place to do their engagement session – I had to do everything in my power to not scream YES! over and over again like a fool. 🙂 A badger alum myself – I of course have a million fond memories of the Terrace and do everything I can in my power to get there when I’m in town. (Not to mention – a pretty important event in my life happened on a pier at the Union a few years ago… so I may be a little biased.)

Anyway – these two are from the Madison area and are getting married in Wisconsin Dells next June – so Madison was a natural choice for their engagement session. The city is packed full of so many gorgeous locations that it can be seriously difficult to narrow it down when choosing a location. But I was SO happy they ended up deciding on the Union. There are so many great spots for photos, and the leaves were still clinging on to most of the trees – so we were able to enjoy the fall colors on top of everything else!

And I had such a great time wandering around with these two! They were super laid back and kept each other smiling the entire time (as you’ll see). Oh – and can we talk about Heather for a second? This girl has some of the prettiest brown eyes I’ve ever seen… just gorgeous! Anyway – I’ll quit chatting away and let you guys get to the pictures!

Heather & Ryan – I cannot wait for your big day next June!


(See what I’m saying?! Beautiful!)


**And today I’m thankful for the absolutely beautiful (& long) fall we’ve had this year! For the most part – I got incredibly lucky with my sessions and weddings over the past few months. The colors were amazing, the weather was mild, and overall it was just a gorgeous fall! That doesn’t happen every year – so I’m definitely not taking it for granted. And I got full use of my fall coat, scarves, and boots! I love it!


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