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Things have been so busy this fall that I feel like I haven’t really had any time to just sit back and enjoy my favorite season. Obviously, it is fabulous to be busy – but at the same point,  I wish I could hit pause now and then – so I could take a moment and just breathe it all in before it’s gone.

Last night I finally built my desk, and got my computer up and running (YAY!) – so I spent some time going through my memory cards to confirm I have everything backed up. As I was doing that – I came across some photos from my weekend in Wisconsin immediately after we adopted Chloe. I shot a LOT of sessions that weekend, ate caramel apples, hung out with my family, and enjoyed our new tiny little puppy with James. It’s strange looking back on these photos now (only 2 weeks later!) because she has already changed so much and gotten so much bigger! James and I realized yesterday that this must be how new parents feel… The time flies by, and each bit of progress the little one makes is a HUGE deal, then next thing you know they’re all grown up.

So I was thinking… maybe we could hit pause for a second, yes?


She looks like such a PUPPY in these pictures, it kills me! SO. CUTE!

Keeping an eye on the chickens at my sister’s house…

“What mom?!” 🙂

Chicken stalker!


And just for good measure… a little taste of fall… 🙂


I hope you all have fabulous weekends and get to hit ‘pause’ for a moment in your lives so you can breathe it all in! 🙂

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