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Hey you guys! I’m crawling out from a pile of boxes to bring you this blog post! 🙂

Just a few pics of our place BEFORE (i.e. with boxes & junk EVERYWHERE.) You still get an idea of what it looks like, and might I add – that James and I are IN LOVE with this new change in our lives! I am so excited to be working from home in a place that feels like a home, and not just a junky apartment. Seriously. My mood is 1 million times improved since I realized I will have my own office – even if it doubles as a 2nd bedroom for guests when they visit. (At least it’s no longer a storage room/gym/office/guest bedroom!) Not to mention this place is actually big enough to entertain family & friends! I of course entertained at our old place too (because anyone that knows me knows I LOVE to entertain!) – but it felt SO tiny and cramped when people would come over. This time, I’m excited to say – there will be plenty of space for guests! AND I can make some fabulous snacks/meals, etc., in the kitchen WHILE chatting with people in the living room – because they are right next to each other! (YAY open floor plans!) 🙂

And since this is our 2nd place together – and James & I had mostly everything we needed prior to moving – we are taking care to plan/choose what goes where and what gets hung on the walls and what doesn’t. When we moved into our first apartment (3 years ago) we were so happy to have our own place together that I just haphazardly hung everything everywhere. It turned out okay – but I like this process much better. We’re making decisions with the hope/thought that we will be here for a while! 🙂

ANYWAY – enough chitter-chatter. Here are some before pictures. (Please ignore the tungsteny weird light… I took these at night and unfortunately don’t have the time to totally color correct them properly on J’s computer – since I’m trying to post this quickly and get back to work setting up my office!!)


A view straight into my office/2nd bedroom (prior to the new paint job):

A view from the window side – looking into the closet/bathroom:


A view into the main living area from the front hall/bedroom side:

Main living area from the same spot – looking towards the kitchen side:


The master bedroom (hard to see much of anything here):


Our favorite part – laundry IN our apartment! (and the main bathroom):


Looking into the living room from the kitchen:


Looking into the kitchen from the living room:


And now, the world’s most terrible/confusing panoramic/360 degree view of my office before the paint job:


Stay tuned for AFTER pictures in the next week or so!! Yes, that means I’m hoping to be completely settled in shortly! Because I need to get organized & back to work before I lose my mind!!!  🙂

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