Chloe ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

Things are still totally crazy here, because somehow, no matter how much we unpack, there is still STUFF all over the place. But regardless of how stressed I am, I decided I wanted to write you guys a post today. The only problem turned out to be that I couldn’t keep my eyes open to write it! (It’s currently 1:45am early Wednesday morning. Ouch. Seriously, these 17-hour days of unpacking/organizing are killing me!)

Anyway – so in lieu of any content today – I’m giving you an adorable photos of Chloe instead! I was packing last week at our old apartment when Chloe fell asleep on the couch in the most ridiculous pose ever. I went to grab my camera and, naturally, as soon as I did – she woke up.

Either way – still super cute!! 🙂


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