@?#*#&$&*#?@?!/!?@*#&$) ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

See that up there? That’s what my life feels like lately.

Since we have no internet, and our new apartment is in shambles, and I shot a wedding, an engagement and had a meet up this weekend on 6 hrs of sleep over the course of 3-days, and we’ve been moving since Friday and finally on Sunday got the last box to our new place… I feel a bit like I’ve lost my mind… completely lost my mind. Ha! (And I can write run-on sentences with the best of them right now too apparently! :))

To add to this, I’m currently writing this post from my cell phone since I haven’t had a second to think about unpacking yet and my computer is in a corner of the apartment, piled under boxes, yet to be uncovered.

So I’m writing to let you all know it may be a day or two until I have time to focus back on photography. So if I’m slower than normal to reply to messages/emails… this is why! If I owe you a session, I promise I will get it to you as soon as my life/office are in some sort of order… Oh, and after I have slept. Oh sleep – sweet, sweet sleep…. How I’ve missed you!!

And with that , here are cell phone pics of our life right now, which is giving me anxiety attacks!


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