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A few tidbits from life lately…


I love getting birthday cards from my Grandma. Partly because they’re adorable, and partly because it’s one of the few times I can go shopping guilt-free because, “I have birthday money from Grandma; I have to get it!”


Speaking of shopping. It’s a really strange feeling to go shopping, knowing I do not have to buy something work appropriate (i.e. business or business casual) for the first time in almost 6 years. Instead, I can buy WHATEVER. I. LIKE.  It’s kind of amazing really. 🙂

Because at the moment, I plan to wake up, work out (at least a few times a week – I hope!), shower, get dressed, and get to work in my home office. (I need structure in my life – so I think keeping a regular schedule will help ease the transition from leaving the house to go to work – to not. Perhaps?) Anyway – so I bought this to wear to ‘work’!! 🙂


James and I are in the process of apartment hunting, as most of you know. We are supposed to be moving by October 1st – which is approaching much too quickly – causing us to freak out a bit. After seeing lots of terrible places online and getting no (or super slow) replies from agents trying to rent the apartments we actually did like, we started to give up hope. (Seriously, it takes you 4 days to reply to an email?! I cannot grasp this idea in today’s world of technology. If you want to rent the place – don’t you reply to possible tenants?!).

But then – alas – the fabulous Claudio contacted me on Twitter after I tweeted about our apartment hunting woes. (And man, if I haven’t ever been thankful for Twitter before – I sure am thankful now!) Claudio has been a God send to us – I’m not even kidding. (It is still crazy to me that we live in a city where we need a REALTOR to find an apartment. Crazy I tell you!) Within a matter of 6 days he contacted me on Twitter, emailed me (only a few minutes later) to find out our apartment preferences, got us started on MLS listings so we could note our favorites for him, then he scheduled appointments for us, and last night we looked at 6 units over the course of a couple hours without James and I having to do a thing but show up & follow Claudio around all night! (And in all honesty, the only reason this took 6 days was because James and I had to wait 3 days to start looking because our weekend was booked and we were unable to check out units until last night.)

Anyway – we saw 6 last night – we loved 3 – and we eventually decided on 1!!! I’m hoping and praying nobody else has expressed interest yet and that we can get our applications in and get approved so we can get the place we are hoping for! I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime – cross your fingers for us! (p.s. The photos below is not THE apartment. I forgot to take pics of the apartment we’re hoping to get … but this one was #2 on the list… niiiiiiice right?!)


Naturally we had to celebrate *hopefully* finding an apartment with a quick dinner + beer on our way home from the apartment hunt!


And last but not least. An appropriate sign… and one MASSIVE spider we saw on our way home. (I’m brave for taking these pictures, aren’t I?! That big fella even made James nervous!) 🙂


p.s. I’m still debating on blog posting anything for tomorrow. I’ll be officially old then and I could use a day off. We’ll see. 🙂 (And before any of you jump down my throat… I’m kidding about 30 being OLD. haha. I just like to say that… simma down!) 🙂

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