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I have so many sessions I want to share with you guys I feel like I could burst!!!   … beautiful families, couples, weddings, and babies. I know you are going to love them as much as I do – butI cannot find the time of day for anything this week, and it is seriously driving me nuts (and it’s only Tuesday)!! So as much as I want to catch up and share everything I have with the world – I realize it is probably just not going to happen in the next few days.

As you can tell, this week is definitely testing my patience. But like I said yesterday – I’m going to try to take it one day at a time and appreciate each day for what it is. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel finally – so I have to just go with it. 🙂 Because I know I’ll have all next week… and the next … and the next …. and next & next & next (!!!) to catch up and (hopefully) stay caught up from now on. So I’m not going to stay up until 2am like I normally would. I’m going to be patient. I’m going to get rest and breathe and stay healthy so I can have the time of my life with my loved ones this weekend when I celebrate all the changes in my life. 🙂


Speaking of patience… I’m going to be on A Practical Wedding today!! But, if you’re reading this early – I’m probably not there yet. I believe my post is going up early this afternoon – so come back & check it out then!  (See – we’re all learning patience this week!) 😉

If you don’t know what A Practical Wedding is – you definitely need to check it out. (*hint* – It’s a community of fabulous, intelligent, strong women talking about weddings and marriage and relationships.) And as it turns out (based on the brides I’ve been blessed enough to work with because of APW) – these ladies love to have a blast on the dance floor too!

Don’t believe me? Check them out! 🙂



I hope these pictures made you smile as much as they did me… and that you’ll forgive me for not having more pictures to share right now!  Patience my young grasshoppers, patience! 🙂


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