Ice Cream Night ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

I had high hopes of having a wedding post ready for you guys today… but that is obviously not happening! Sorry!

I’m not sure what kind of super woman I thought I was, but I definitely am not! You see, I spent the last 3 days shooting a completely amazing wedding and all the surrounding festivities (sneak peek was posted on Facebook!!), and as it turns out…      I’m.     Completely.     Wiped.     Out.

I had this vision of getting home, relaxing for a minute, editing another wedding, posting a blog, and getting plenty of sleep. Turns out that in actuality I got home, had some dinner, got busy catching up on all the emails that piled up over the last 3 days, and next thing I knew it was 9:30. And because this week is jam-packed with things I need to be healthy and well-rested for… I’m going to do my best to take care of myself and try to call it a night early, no matter how much I have to do.

Because this week consists of the following…

  1. Working a full 40+ hours as I attempt to meet my last deadline at work (due Friday).
  2. 5-days of blog posts.
  3. As much editing as I can possibly manage.
  4. A dentist appointment Monday night.
  5. Apartment searching/visiting Tuesday night.
  6. My 30th birthday.
  7. My last day at the law firm.
  8. Celebratory drinks out with my co-workers that I LOVE (because this is obviously mandatory).
  9. Shooting a backyard wedding on Saturday.
  10. Hosting a lot of out-of-town friends/family that are coming to celebrate my birthday/going full-time with me Saturday night. (Yay!!!)
  11. Then… Sunday = Day of Rest (In theory anyway. Although I’m pretty sure I’ll feel like I need to work/catch up on life at that point, so we’ll see how much resting I do.)


So… yeah – I’ll be busy. And in the meantime I have about a million sessions to get out to clients. AH! While I’m super excited about this week and all of the new exciting changes it is bringing to my life… I’m also ready for it to be next Monday. I’m ready to work for myself, to catch up on editing, to focus the time on my clients & business that I have been wanting to so badly!

However – I’m going to try my best not to rush this week. I’m going to enjoy each day. As overwhelming as it may be, this is a big week for me. And I’m excited. I’m happy. I’m thankful. And I want to soak in every minute of it.

So as it turns out, last night when I had high hopes of productivity – my body and mind told me otherwise. After 3 days on my feet, go-go-going, I had an ice cream night instead. (Hand delivered by Mr. James Tyler II himself. Awww.) 🙂



Here’s to the week ahead!! 🙂

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