Listening & Loving… ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

I’m not always certain he’s listening when I talk endlessly about things he could probably care less about.


But then I come home to find things like this waiting for me on my desk…



… and I realize that he listens like nobody I’ve ever met.


(You see – I mentioned that I had fallen in love with Sara Bareilles last weekend because Catie had this playing on her iPod while she got ready on her wedding day. And it was beautiful. And I wanted to know all the words and sing along too. Apparently James noticed when I mentioned it, and not even a week later – I’m happily singing along to it in my office while I edit photos…)


Then, a moment after discovering the CD, I noticed this cute little pack of gum – and I said,  “Awwwww” to myself as I started to read the package…



… and then burst out laughing, because – well – it’s funny. And probably partly true. But mostly it’s funny. 🙂


And then I just sat there and paused for a minute, smiling while I thought… I am crazy about my husband – for listening to me… for loving me… and for so many other reasons…

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