Nick ~ Wisconsin Senior Portrait Photography

I’m sure you all remember the beautiful Elizabeth from last week’s senior portrait session I posted. Well, Nick is Elizabeth’s cousin – and as you may notice – the locations of their two sessions are the same! That’s because we did a double senior session, so while one was shooting the other was changing into a new outfit and relaxing. It worked perfectly with the flow of the session so there was no down time – just shooting one, then the next… and so on!

Nick was an equally wonderful subject as his cousin Elizabeth – lucky me!! I kept telling him he needs to give me lessons on how to do a good serious face…. he’s got it down! Isn’t he a cutie?! (Is that the wrong thing to call a 17/18 year-old guy? Am I showing my age?! haha) Anyway – you know what I mean… what a good looking family they have! 🙂


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