Happy Birthday Mom!!! ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

Today is my mom’s birthday!!! If you happen to be friends with her on facebook, or run into her back in our hometown – you should wish her a happy birthday!!! 🙂

I’m not sure where to start this post – because I can get super sappy writing about my mom without even meaning to – which pretty much guarantees this is going to be a sappy post. I know a lot of you reading this right now have met my mom, or know my mom personally, and therefore – you know she is a pretty amazing woman. She gives so much to so many people, never expecting a thing in return (which reminds me a lot of someone else I know). She somehow kept all 5 of us going from one practice to another, made us dinner every night, worked, volunteered, directed the high school musical, made sure we were all taken care of, and more.

I watched her wear these many hats, and do all these things throughout the course of her life. Through her actions – she taught me to be strong, but caring; laid-back, but hard-working; and goofy, but sensitive. I can most definitely say that I am who I am today because of my mother.

More and more often these days people tell me that I sound like my mom, or that I act like my mom. And you know what? I’m totally okay with that… because my mom is a pretty fabulous woman. And I don’t mind one bit if I am like her. In fact, I would feel pretty lucky if someday I can be even half the mother she was to all of us.


And with that, I’m wishing you a very happy birthday today, Mom! I wish I was there to make you some dinner & cake, and chat over a glass of wine…  Love you! xoxo


**Luckily most of my family got to spend this past Saturday night with my mom at a Brewers game in Milwaukee (we missed you Ben, Josh, Dad, Sunshine & Will)! I of course documented the night (with the help of my nephews, who have recently become obsessed with taking pictures with my ‘big camera’ – yikes!) 🙂 Enjoy!

(Oh, and please excuse how terrible I look in these photos. I had already shot 8 sessions that day & I was feeling it by that night!)


Cutest kid ever? Quite possibly.

Chloe’s first tailgating experience! 🙂 Oh yeah – I forgot to tell you – we named her!!! …. Chloe!!  (I know, none of the names we previously discussed… but this one fits her for some reason. And James like to call her Killa’ Chloe – when she’s being a real punk! haha)

Impossible to get them all to just SMILE for a photo!!

Mmmm tailgating. LOVE IT. And on the right, my mom measuring littlest nephew for his halloween costume, that she of course is making from scratch (like she did for all 5 of us throughout our entire childhood. True story. I said she is awesome, didn’t I?!)

The ladies! (and the boys jumped in there too!) 🙂

Trying to keep the baby warm, and we realized she likes beer! Now before you go calling animal welfare on me… the bottle was empty. Simma down.

Miller Park!!

Littlest nephew took the camera at this point (while sitting on my lap, with me focusing/holding the weight of the camera, and him composing/pressing the shutter button)…

Yup – taking pictures of his shoe. Which he of course thought was HILARIOUS! haha

My brother Will & I, looking less than fabulous, with our adorable littlest nephew…

Littlest nephew had the camera & yelled in his tiny little (still) baby voice – “NANA!!!! NANA!!! LOOK HERE!!!! NANA!!!!”  And this is what happens when she finally hears him…

Sausage races!!!

Neither one of thee boys likes to pose nicely when their brother has the camera and is taking the photo (as below) – see?

A terrible attempt at a self-portrait with my oldest nephew and an SLR – not so great – but I love it even though it’s out of focus!

Again… they can never just smile! Goofballs! ha ha

I do believe littlest nephew had the camera for the next 2 photos again!

He wanted to clap – so I had to hold the cup so he could multi-task. Ha! That cup is as big as his head! mmmmm lemonade…

Don’t be confused, they are not being sweet – they are about to throw down… haha

Back to watching the game & cheering on the Brew Crew!

Easily entertained… 🙂


We had a great time! And on top of that – the Brewers won! And the day before they were named NL CENTRAL DIVISION CHAMPIONS! 🙂 Yeah!!!

And once again – HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!  🙂


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