Small Town Girl ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

In case you didn’t already know… I spent the first 18 years of my life in a very small town.

According to my friends who have visited – it’s somewhere you may think only exists in movies. There are no stoplights, no fast food restaurants, and every small business is run by someone you know. It’s the kind of place where you trust your kids to go out and ride bikes around town with their friends all day and come home in time for supper. The kind of place where Friday nights in the fall revolve around the high school football game.

The kind of place where things like this are normal…



And as much as I love the excitement, diversity, and culture of Chicago… it’s always nice take a break from the bustle of city living and come home for a visit…. to a place where life moves slower, nights are quieter, stars are brighter, and people trust their neighbors…



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