Say Whoa

I had a meet-up last night after work with clients whose engagement photos I’m shooting on Sunday. We enjoyed a couple of drinks, got to know each other, and chatted about the session on Sunday. All in all – it was a fabulous night, and (as always) I left feeling so lucky and happy to be doing what I do!


Then on the train ride home (over 7 hours since eating lunch) – I realized I was pretty. darn. hungry.

So I called James and told him I was craving a burger. (Which is weird for me, because I rarely eat meat…. Blame it on the bar/restaurant I was at, The Gage, which is known for its burgers – that I happened to be staring at/smelling all night.)

So James suggested I stop by the new Five Guys burger joint in the neighborhood on my way home and grab us some dinner. I told him I’d think about it, and then I did what anybody would do – I went to Facebook to post and ask my friends what they thought of Five Guys and see if they thought dinner there was a good idea.

Almost immediately I got one, big, resounding    YES!    GO! … and so I did. 🙂


But, being the Five Guys rookie that I am – I ordered way. too. much. food.


So when I got home and tore into the grease soaked, 10 lb bag of burgers and fries … all I could do was say – WHOA.

And then – we ate…  and ate…  and it was delicious.   (And we had enough left over fries to feed a family of 5! Oops! ha ha)  😉

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