Day Off

Yesterday I took the day off to enjoy some time with my best friend from my hometown, who drove down to Chicago for the day with her adorable 1-month-old little Jackson! Yay!

We’ve been friends for 14 years now – which is completely insane to think about!  That means we’ve been through a lot of stages in our lives together… awkward high school moments, college (& transferring to new schools), boyfriends, fiances, weddings… and now – babies! (Well, not me yet – but I get to enjoy this little guy whenever Kim is around now – which, if you ask me, is a FABULOUS perk!) 😉

I actually didn’t take a ton of photos because I just wanted to enjoy our time together. (That, and traveling via public transit all over Chicago with a tiny baby keeps you pretty busy!) We made our way downtown and wandered about the city. (Isn’t it nice to be a tourist in your own city?! Such a great reminder of all the beauty around you! We even did touristy things like take pictures in front of Chicago landmarks. Yes!)

It was wonderful to get a full day with Kim (which hasn’t happened in YEARS… at least not that I can remember). We hit up The Bean, Millennium Park, and Macy’s. We managed to ride a bus, a train, and drive a car around the city. We had Jamba Juice to cool off, and delicious Mexican food for dinner. We had sunshine and temperatures in the 90’s (HOT).

But most importantly – we had each other. And it was perfect…


And…. spent! 🙂

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