Bride & Grooming

Somehow I convinced James to spend his day today modeling as a groom for a photography workshop I’ve been dying to attend… Justin & Mary’s: Walk Through A Wedding workshop. I wanted to go to this workshop ever since I first heard about it. I talked about it non-stop. I drove him crazy. I discussed what business expenses I had to take care of this year to weigh my options… and then I finally decided I just couldn’t afford it at this time. I had to let this workshop go and move on. (Which was not easy.)

But then… a few weeks later, the opportunity arose out of no where for James and I to act as the bride and groom for this very workshop I was aching to attend!!! And although James will be functioning on very little sleep (he worked midnight to 8am today, will sleep for 4-5 hours, take part in/model for the workshop from 3-9pm, and then go back to work at midnight for another 8-hour shift) all because I begged him to help me out – just. this. one. time. (Even though we both know it has been many more times than just this once, and there will be many more times after this…)

But this time – this time means so much to me that I’m pretty sure I can’t ask him for another favor for a year. (That, and James actually agreeing to model for pictures for 6 hours straight on little-to-no sleep is … well… pretty amazing – considering how much he hates having his pictures taken, and how much he loves sleeping.) He initially said no (over & over & over). So I tried my best to ‘sell’ the workshop to him. I emphasized that we would get to hang out all day – I wouldn’t be taking pictures for a change – and we’d get to dress up and act like it’s our wedding again! (YES!) Eventually, after lots of pleading and begging, he agreed… not because he wanted to do this – but because, as he stated simply (with a tinge of frustration in his voice that he was agreeing to this at all), “For you, I will.

And I grinned from ear to ear. And I thanked him profusely… again… and again… and again.


And so today we are off acting as though it is our wedding day. I’m not really sure what that entails or what to expect, other than what I’ve created in my mind, and the things I’ve read on Justin and Mary’s blog about the Chicago workshop (which all sounds pretty amazing if you ask me)!

So, as you can tell – I’m pretty darn stoked about the opportunity to witness this workshop first hand, to meet Justin & Mary, and equally excited to get dolled up and hang out with my husband all day!

I can’t wait to tell you guys all about it!


(And here we are…. the last time we were ‘bride & grooming’ just over 2 years ago…)

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