no-chip miracle

I figure most of you have probably already heard about these no-chip manicures, or maybe you’ve already gotten one… but I’m making this announcement for those of you who have yet to be enlightened! 🙂 ha ha

They. Are. AMAZING!

I got mine done last Friday and a week later…? Still not chipped! You guys… I even cut into one of my nails while chopping vegetables for dinner the other night. I screamed!!! And then I remembered the no-chip manicure and looked down at my nail… it didn’t chip! Not even a cut where the knife had been! A miracle! (Okay… maybe not REALLY a miracle… but you get the point. Also, I’m realizing this kind of sounds like an infomercial right now. Like I’m some way-too-energetic lady screaming at you to buy something at 3am from your TV. Sorry about that, but I will continue on anyway – ha ha!)

So if you haven’t gotten one yet and you love manicures? Go! Get one! They last for weeks! I’m the girl who normally chips my nails within the first day or two of getting a manicure. Waste – of – money! But now…? Pretty nails for weeks. Totally worth the price tag, in my mind.

Can you tell I’m amazed by this?! Well I am! Check out my nails one week after my no-chip manicure (sorry, this is the best picture I could take of my own nails!):

So perhaps you should go get one today? A little “I made it to the weekend” treat for yourself!

Happy Friday everybody!!!


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