spring cleaning

James and I spent a good couple of hours yesterday tag-teaming the apartment into shape. We did a THOROUGH cleaning job (since we’ve both been busy lately and bad about keeping things in order) – so it was great to really scrub and clean every nook and cranny. I feel SO – MUCH – BETTER – now that everything is clean and organized!

After all of that, James suggested we run to Home Depot and pick up some house plants. I was *slightly* shocked – (James?! Wants to go shopping?! For plants?!) – so I made sure to jump on his suggestion before he had a chance to change his mind – so off to Home Depot we went! (Trust me, by the time we were there and I was being super indecisive about which plants we should buy, he was regretting his suggestion. haha!)

Now the house is all clean and feeling extra homey thanks to our cute little plants. We’ve never had any plants in the 2.5 years we lived here… so I’m hoping we can keep them alive!


Of course somebody was curious about the new additions to the household…  ha ha…

We probably should have done all this ‘re-potting’ business before cleaning the entire house… but oh well. Here all the cute little plants are in their new homes!


Amazing how a little green in your house will brighten your mood!



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