leyah + pako wedding day two ~ a goat bbq

As I mentioned in my post the other day, it is a Mexican tradition to throw a party the day after a wedding where everybody finishes any food or drinks that are left over. If you ask me, it’s a pretty fabulous idea! It makes for a nice place to chat and reminisce about the wedding and to carry the party over while all your loved ones are still in one place!

Leyah and Pako’s wedding day number two was held at Pako’s sister’s house in the form of a goat bar-b-que. You know I couldn’t help but take some photos while I was there… so here they are!


I realize the two photos below are not fabulous in terms of composition, light, or really anything… but I had to share these pictures because for those of you that don’t know – THIS is a mango tree! I couldn’t believe how HUGE it was! Can you see all the little baby mangos growing on the tree? There had to have been thousands of mangos on just this one tree! Jim said that when they are ripe they get so plump and heavy they just fall from the tree and splat all over the ground. And they are so juicy you can only eat them while leaning over a sink or outside. Next time I go to Zihuatanejo, I’m going to make sure to go when the mangos are ripe. Yum!!

This is Leyah and Pako’s crazy little dog, Tequila. As you will see in nearly every picture I took of him – he likes to yell at people. haha!

Cutest sleeping puppy ever??? I think so!!

So cute these two… so cute…

More angry little dog! The one on the right cracks me up every time! haha

Thanks again for letting me be a part of such a fabulous weekend Leyah and Pako!!



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