exploring chicago – the pilsen neighborhood

As you guys know from an earlier post I did about my excursion to Chinatown, my bosses have started this thing at work where every few weeks they send us in groups of 4-5 people to different neighborhoods for an extended 3-hour lunch, to explore parts of the city that we may not see every day (or ever). 
This time around we headed out to the Pilsen neighborhood to check out the Mexican Fine Art Museum (which I LOVED and you should definitely check out if you live in Chicago!), and to eat some delicious Mexican food, of course! 🙂  
Silly me didn’t bring my ‘real’ camera along this time… so I had to resort to the camera on my phone to document the trip. I’m sorry – please don’t hate me for it! Along the way I realized I would definitely love to hit this neighborhood up for a photo shoot sometime though. I just loved the feel of the neighborhood and there are amazing murals everywhere! 
Here we are – taking the train to the neighborhood and lots of pictures of the beautiful art at the museum!
 This museum seriously was so amazing! 
 And here are some pics of the neighborhood and lots of delicious food & candy. 🙂 
I can’t wait to check out more of the city on our excursions as the weather warms up! 🙂

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